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About Royal Energy Resources, Inc.

Company Background
Company’s Business Impressions
Product‐ and Investment Porfolio
Vision & Mission
Company’s Philosophy & Market Indicators


Company Background

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. (based in New York) is a development stage Company which focuses primarily on energy projects in the United States of America. The Company is enhancing its activitiess to further countries like Romania. Per now the Company is forming a subsidiary for the planned acquisi,on and mining development of valuable rare earth materials like gold
silver and copper. The subsidiary named S.C. Golden Carpathan Resources will be located in Bucharest.

As of August 2010 the Company has interests in oil and gas leases and holds leases comprising 3,400 acres of property in Wyoming. Furthermore the Company holds a lease for uranium rights comprising 1,600 acres in Laramie County, Wyoming. The Company also holds the lease for 3,410 acres of rare earth and precious metals in Crook County, Wyoming

The Company’s aim: Royal Energy Resources, Inc., (in the following also ROYE) was originally founded in 1999 with another scope of business. Today it is a public traded Company on the OTCBB market (R.O.Y.E.) and plans to be an emerging player in the gold and silver business. Oil‐ and gas royalties as well as uranium and rare earth materials are a business scope in the near future.

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Company‘s Business Impressions

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. has acquired 3,110 acres of mineral leases (in yellow on the map). These mineral leases lie between 4 and 12 miles away from Rare Element Resources Ltd.’s Bull Hill prospect (here shown in blue) and Bearlodge Mountain in Sundance Wyoming.

Business perspective: The Company is planning to request a permit for drilling testing from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ)/Land Quality Devision (LQD) – Exploration Drilling and Mine in the next few month. An indicator for the value of this area: Rare Element Resources Ltd. is another owner of mineral leases close to ROYE´s area estimates approximately 15 million tons of rare earth minerals in their mining section.

Rare earth metals in Crook County are close, app. 5‐6 miles from Bear Lodge Mountain. The US geological survey has studied the area of Bear Lodge Mountain extensively (USGS Prof. paper ♯1049 –D) and has estimated that it contains one of the largest deposits of disseminated rare earth elements in North America.

Another indicator for the value of Royal Energy Resources, Inc.’s leases: Powertech Uranium Corp. based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has proposed a $20,000,000 uranium mine in Weld County, CO. The permit is currently in the process for approval. At a current price the uranium would be worth over $500 million.

ROYE has 1,600 acres in Laramie County, Wyoming. The property is close to the well‐known uranium mine.

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Product‐ and Investment Porfolio

The Company was the successful bidder in the U.S. Government auctions to purchase certain oil‐ and gas leases rights. The oil and gas leases currently represent app. 3,000 acres of property located in Weston, Goshen, Converse, Freemont, Laramie and Plae County Wyoming.

The Company also holds leases for uranium rights on app. 1,000 acres in Wyoming. ROYE is nego,a,ng with energy companies to develop the poten,al resources that may be contained in these properties..

The management has completed several transactions wherein the Company sold the leases rights and retained a royalty interest in one transaction. No exploration activities have yet taken place. This will be a planned step for the future. The Company has received proceeds of $70,275 from these transactions (for further details please see 10Q fillings).

Business field oil & gas Business field rare earth
materials and metals
3,000 and 6,000 acres in Weston, Goshen, onverse, Freemont, Laramie and Platt County Wyoming 1,000 acres in Wyoming for uranium

Future activities in Romania for precious metals as in example gold, silver and copper

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Jacob Roth, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and President

Jacob Roth is in charge of these functions for Royal Energy Resources, Inc. since March 1999.

He has fifteen years of experience as a financial controller with various public companies. From 1973 to 1980 he helped to raise funds for oil and gas development stage companies.

He was the CEO of Virilitec Industries, Inc. a public company engaged in attempting to distribute a line of bioengineered virility nutritional supplements. Previously he was the President of JR Consulting, also a public company engaged in consulting for other corporations.

Richard W. Miller, Treasure Resources, Inc.

Richard Miller works as a consultant for the oil and gas industry. He has gathered fundamental market experience while working for Hunt Energy Corporation for two years and for five years he was responsible for the merger & acquisition Group of Exxon Corporation with responsibility for checking all titles (fee, federal, state and company records) for the acquisitions.

He has been the owner and president of Reliant Energy, Inc. and worked for Hunt Energy Corporation as further activities contributing to his extensive market knowledge and business know‐how.

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Vision and Mission

Our mission is to become an emerging relevant player in the business of oil and gas royalties, as well as uranium and rare earth materials in the near future.

We relay on our skills with many years of experience and a grown network in the industry.

Royal Energy Resources, Inc. will be a driving partner in the development of oil & gas mining in the U.S. with ambitious expansion into other interesting countries with rare and valuable resources in the earth.

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Company´s Philosophy & Market Indicators

Commodities US Dollar Changes in %
Oil Brent / per barrel 117,50 + 25,1
Oil WTI / per barrel 99,24 + 8,4
Gold / per troy ounce 1.615,29 + 14,2
Silver / per troy ounce 40,76 + 33,2
Copper / per troy ounce 9.679,00 + 0,4

America´s oil and natural gas companies have invested over $1 Trillion in long term energy initiatives between 1992 and 2009. Energy Independence is an achievable goal for the U.S..

ROYE brings clean, home‐grown energy to our nation – a contribution for truly breaking us from foreign oil import. The management is focused on exploration and mining business in stable and emerging markets with steady growth potential for oil, gas and rare earth elements with ongoing market demand and future perspective.

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